“The Day I Gave Birth, My Baby Daddy Denied My Child And No Celebrities Wanted To Help Me Then”- Bimpe Akintunde Reveal Her Struggle For Eight Years ‎

Nollywood actress, Bimpe Akintunde, aka, Wosila coded, has spoken on why she has been single for almost eight years.

In an interview shared via Biola Adebayo Instagram page on Tuesday she stated that

“If she hasn’t give birth to her child eight years ago, it will also be among the many problems she will be thinking and praying to God for.

It was really hard on me at some time, because i didn’t have the phone that browser and some of my friends will call me that, Bimpe be going on Instagram there are people there, but i couldn’t have the courage to tell her that i dont have an android phone.

The called my baby daddy the day i gave birth because he was in Nigeria then, but the told them that they are funny that it was Adebimpe that has the child that he does not want any baby.

When ever he mistakenly come to ask for his child i might break his head because the child is for me alone. There was i time i heard that they were looking for my baby daddy then and my younger one called me that hope i didn’t do anything with him, because now his life is getting worst and mine is getting better.

There is also an actress then that if you call Toyin she is next, I was in her Dm, begging her that i just had a baby that she should call me for jobs.

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