“Baba Ijesha Didn’t Do What They Say, Ademola Damola Did”– Yomi Fabiyi Speaks On Why Baba Ijesha Maybe Set Free Soon (Video)

Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has speak the truth about Baba Ijesha case during an interview.

The interviewer ask him that how much did he collect from Baba Ijesha. While replying he said that did Baba Ijesha has money to give him, or he would rather give Baba Ijesha money

He further continued that ‘Baba Ijesha’s appeal process is still ongoing in court. There was no evidence that he slept with the girl, that was why the judge didn’t sentence him to life imprisonment. He was called by Princess to shoot a skit and the girl also said it in court that she was called to shoot a skit. The person that actually slept with the girl is walking freely. The girl’s age is not 14. They never gave the court her birth certificate. We are waiting for the appeal court judgement’

Many netizens react to his words

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Adebukola30gb wrote: Iyabo and princess okan won oni bale

Realestabliks wrote: Even after he was convicted for child molestation this man is going on with propaganda and some f00lish people including some ma shanfani women believe him? They will do to your daughters what baba Ijesha did to that girl and all his victims

Iam_kolijah wrote: Na why I no like una so called queen mother till date !!

I_am_shabby_Berry wrote: Shey na CCTV Dem dey use shoot skit ni ??

Aduni wrote: Shey licking the girl’s finger nah part of the skit ikebe? Ani you need Jesus,iru iro niborun

Osmo wrote: If it was a skit the judge won’t sentence him …he won’t be there till now things that are worst than that are done in movies . I don’t believe this man .

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