Mandy Kizz returns to her ruuns girl lifestyle months after repentance (Video)

Mandy Kizz, who turned to gospel music after months of repentance, is back to her runsgirl ways, encouraging unmarried women to date married guys.

Recall that last year, the self-described runsgirl gave up her way of life in order to follow Christ.

She had gone on to become a gospel musician, releasing a track.

However, a new video has shown her giving ladies to go after married men, particularly those ones who are more matured.

She said that if a married man expresses interest in a female, she should accept and take advantage of the opportunity, as it won’t stop life’s events from happening to her.

According to Mandy Kiss, a woman’s decision to not have an affair with someone’s husband does not ensure that another lady will not go on dates with her own spouse when she marries.

Watch her speak below:

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