A Nigerian man and his Oyinbo wife are trending online. They shared a video showing that they got married in Lagos, but many people are reacting to the clip. (Video)

A Nigerian man is over the moon because he has married his Oyinbo heartthrob at the Federal Marriage Registry, Ikoyi The man and his Oyinbo wife were seen in a trending video as they posed for a photograph after their nuptials The couple pledged to stay true to their love, noting that the deal they had was to love each other forever.

A man is so happy that he has finally married his Oyinbo hearthrobe at the Federal Marriage Registry, in Ikoyi, Lagos.

The couple have shared a video on TikTok to celebrate their union and friends and well-wishers are congratulating them. The wedding took place at the Federal Marriage Registry, Ikoyi. Photo credit: TikTok/@itzchidoo309. Source: TikTok The couple pledged love to each other and noted that they are committed to their love forever.

“Forever with you my love. Forever is the deal my love. They posed for photographs in front of the Federal Marriage Registry in Ikoyi, apparently after their union was sealed by law. Meanwhile, many people are reacting to the video after it was shared on TikTok. While some congratulated the couple, others bared their minds in different ways. The video was shared by @itzchidoo309. Watch the video below:


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