This is the reason Why I always act as Odunlade Adekola’s mother in movies – Madam Saje ‎ ‎ ‎

“This is Why I Always Portray Odunlade Adekola’s Mother in Movies,” Reveals Madam Saje

In a candid revelation, veteran actress Madam Saje sheds light on why she consistently takes on the role of Odunlade Adekola’s mother in movies. With honesty and clarity, she unveils the reason behind this recurring portrayal, offering insights into the dynamics of their on-screen relationship.

Madam Saje, renowned for her remarkable performances and versatility in the Nigerian film industry, discloses that her frequent portrayal as Odunlade Adekola’s mother stems from their undeniable chemistry and the authenticity they bring to their roles. She attributes their compelling on-screen connection to their shared understanding of character dynamics and their ability to bring depth and nuance to their performances.

Furthermore, Madam Saje emphasizes the importance of their professional rapport and the trust they have built over the years. She highlights the mutual respect and admiration they hold for each other, which significantly enhances their collaborative efforts on set.

Through her revelation, Madam Saje offers audiences a glimpse into the intricacies of casting decisions in Nollywood and the significance of actor chemistry in bringing characters to life. Her acknowledgment of the unique bond she shares with Odunlade Adekola underscores the value of collaboration and teamwork in creating memorable cinematic experiences.

As fans eagerly anticipate their next on-screen collaboration, Madam Saje’s candid explanation provides a deeper appreciation for the magic they create together and the special dynamic that has endeared them to audiences worldwide.

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