Meet 7 Popular Families In Nollywood Industry (photos)

Nigerian Movie Industry is doing really well, with incredible acts from talented artistes. While we have amazing acts from singular actors over the years, noteworthy is that there are also families who have joined the movie industry.

1. The Eyiwunmi (Rays):

This family definitely needs no introduction if you are conversant with Yoruba movies’ adverts because each time the film they featured is being advertised, names like Murphy Ray Lasun Ray, Muka Ray, Mama Ray, Baba Ray will be mentioned while their fans still waiting for Children and Grandchildren Ray to make the list. Their late father, Eyinwunmi Ray was a great pioneer of the Yoruba theatre industry before moving to home video. After his death, his children took over and ever since then, they are tremendously doing well for themselves.

2. The Afolayans:

It all started with their late father, Adeyemi Afolayan (Ade Love), in his lifetime. The foremost filmmaker raised a lot of bars. Asides acting, his vocal dexterity was also a plus, he produced soundtracks for movies before he died. He was one of the greatest film makers in Nigeria. Even before his death, the late movie icon initiated some of his children and family members to his line of business and his good will is still working well for them. In Afolayan Family, virtually all Ade Love’s children are into acting. Not just to act but to produce, sing and make sound tracks for movies like their dad. To start with is his first son, Kunle Afolayan who became popular after he played the role of Arese Jabata in Saworo Ide by Mainframe Production. Today, Kunle is one of the successful actors in Nigeria. He’s rated among filmmakers who produces big project movies not only in Nigeria but worldwide. Kunle, Aremu, Gabriel, Moji as well as their aunty, Toyin Afolayan a.k.a Lola Idije are hosting their father’s colourful flag. And there’s this touch of style and excellence in what they do.

3. The Amatas

Possibly one of if not the only quintessential celebrity family with each member having distinctively unique famous attributes that sets them apart individually and puts the family at the top of history. With a combined net worth of success in film production, acting and directing, the Amata family’s success spreads across various areas of the entertainment industry, including film, television. The eldest of the Amatas, Zack took a bit of a break in the early 2000s after enjoying a brilliant career from the 80s through the 90s with his brother, Fred and took a back seat in the 2000s when his son, Jeta Amata came of age to shine. Ruke Amata was another member of the family that found his space despite his brothers’ fame and fit into the production part enjoying behind the scenes fame. If the success of the senior Amata had been viewed great, the injection of Mbong Amata, who was married to Jeta and got divorced years after, was another interesting part to this family in Nollywood. Jeta redefined the clan’s film making abilities and successes taking it more to the international world with stories inherent in the African culture.

4. The Edochies

The Edochies have become one of the most popular families in the Nigerian movie industry since the patriarch; Pete Edochiemade his foray into the industry almost three decades back. Pete remained one of the forces and popular faces that reigned supreme in the hay days of Nollywood and still hold his own as one of the oldest and talented in the industry. The baton to Pete’s legacy has been passed on to his sons, Linc and Yul Edochie. Though Yul remains the most popular, Pete is proud to have successfully passed on the baton while he’s still interpreting roles.

5. The Kosokos:

Dad, Jide Kosoko, has been a frontliner in the movie industry after emerging one of the most sought after in the Yoruba movie industry [in the early 90s. For several years, he ruled the viewing scenes and later emerged the president of the Association of Nigerian Theatre Practitioners- a position he held for eight years and wormed his way into the English speaking genre of Nollywood. Jide has become one of the most respected and well loved actor of his time. Jide’s success rose to an enviable state when his daughters Sola Kosoko, Bidemi Kosoko and late wife, Henrietta Kosoko proved their worth and found themselves a comfortable space in the movie industry.

6. The Adebayos: Adebayo Aremu Salami popularly known as Oga Bello was born on May 9, 1953 in Lagos, but he’s a native of Ilorin, Kwara state. He started acting at the age of 11 in 1964 with a group called Young Concert Party. He led late Ojo Ladipo’s Theatre Group which was later named Awada Kerikeri Theatre Group.

Adebayo was inspired by watching Television series peoduced by late Huber Ogunde called the Village Doctor.
His first appearance was in a Yoruba film by Dr. Ola Balogun titled Ajani Ogun, where late Ade Love played the lead role. Apart from that, Adebayo has many children amongst who are also in the Yoruba Film Industry. They are Omolara Adebayo, Femi Adebayo, Sodiq Adebayo, Kemi Adebayo and his oldest wife, Risikat Ejide, the CEO Ejide Movie Production. Femi and his elder brother, Wale first acted In the yesteryears’ movie titled Owo Blow by Tade Ogidan. Sodiq is a location manager and he produces movies. In Adebayo family, there are movie producers, director, actors and actresses as well as marketer. The family has the largest number of people in the industry. It is very easy for them to produce movies which ultimately made them number one family dominating Yoruba movie genre.

7. The Omobolanles: Sunday Omobolanle aka Papi Luwe, his second wife, Peju Omobolanle, and their son Sunkanmi Omobolanle also make one of the foremost families in Nollywood. Their father, Papi Luwe is one of the foremost Yoruba comedians in the industry, with his son, Sunkanmi and Wife, Peju doing well too.

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