“She’s too jeealous and prooud” – Aunty Ramota angriily leaves while fans pose with Aunty Ajara

A well-known Nollywood actress named Aunty Ramota has been accused of jealously following her colleague Aunty Ajara, who has been taking center stage at a recent event.

The actress, who previously issued an apology to her small colleague Aunty Ajara for rejecting her on a film set, has made news about such matters once more.

In the trending video, a fan was seen trying to take a photograph with Aunty Ajara who was sitting on another individual’s lap.

However, Aunty Ramota, known for disliking paparazzis exited their space as they posed for a photograph.

The video has since sparked a wave of reactions from many who suggested she was jealous of not getting all the attention.

Reactions as Aunty Ramota angrily leaves while fans pose with Aunty Ajara

swluchiegreen said: “What if she’s not jealous, what if she felt like it wasn’t necessary sitting there on her own while she wasn’t part of the picture and she felt like walking away to do something else?”

tiwasfabricshub wrote: “😂😂😂 my best part is that she was stylishly watching & walking slowly for them to beg her but they didn’t 😂😂😂.”

hanty_beth opined: “She has bad character ehn 😂😂😂😂😂 so so anger issues.”

stargirlreal added: “Just imagine ooo Supposing she con get better body that means her pride for dey all over the place . The other Aunty is more humble.”

Watch the video below …

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