“So U Be Crry Crry Baby”: Mide Martins Sheds Tears During Ramadan Prayer With Her Husband Afeez Owo (Video)

Videos from an Islamic event recently hosted by Nollywood love birds Mide Martins and her husband Afeez Owo amid the ongoing Ramadan fasting have emerged on social media.

Mide Martins and her husband Afeez Owo recently hosted an Islamic event as part of the ongoing Ramadan fasting

One of the videos from the event showed the moment Muslim clerics at the event paid tributes and prayed for Mide and Afeez’s late parents

Another clip showed the moment Mide Martins broke down in tears as her husband consoled her

The Islamic event, attended by some of their colleagues, saw Mide and Owo publicly displaying affection towards each other.

However, a video from the event showing the moment a Muslim cleric specially prayed for Mide and Owo’s deceased parents has left people teasing the actress known for her dramatic display in movies.

In a clip, Mide unexpectedly broke down in tears as her husband pulled her close to himself while consoling her like a baby.

Watch the video as Mide Martins breaks down in tears at an Islamic event

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