“I Only Heed To God Call, I Can’t Act Those Kinds of Movie Again Even “- Veteran Elegbeje Ado Say As He Shows Kunle Afod His Uncompleted Church Building And More About His Struggle (Video) ‎

Nollywood actor Kunle Afod in continuity of his kind gesture and visitation to veterans has went all out to look for veteran actor Elegbeje Ado who is known as Ageku Abela

Kunle Afod narrated his journey, he said he went to Parpa in Ewekor to look for one of the elders in the Yoruba industry, it was not difficult to see him but the road was a very bad one.

He saw the veteran by the road side and he was happy to see Kunle Afod, when the got to his home, he showed Kunle Afod the uncompleted building he is still building but because of finances and people wanted to collect the land from us so we built a small one to live in.

Elegbeje Ado said that when he heard he thought that Kunle Afod won’t be able to come because it was far and the have a very bad road.

Kunle Afod asked him a question which is “I heard that you are now a minister of God” he replied “yes I am” Kunle Futher ask that ” is that the reason why you stop acting or you intentionally wanted to leave acting” he replied “it was not intentional because i was born into acting all my parents and elders are actor, but God was the one that called me so i cant go back from his world”

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@aduadeolola558 wrote: Wow, Kunle! This is beautiful! Eleyi gan an ni a ba maa pe ni ‘Irin ke rin do, Kunle Afod”!

@adebolaadetola7400 wrote: One of the greatest narrators in the Yoruba movie industry

@Yusuflyabode wrote: Kunle God will never forget you. Elegbeje ado is one of our favorites in the 90s to 20s in the industry

@Shayoyeye4525 wrote: I actually always assumed he was a man of God, wow! I thank God for his life! I respect his decision and I pray that God Almighty who called him will continue to take care of him

@oluwatobilobaadeyemi1571 wrote: If you call me, I will not answer! That’s a powerful and deep NO. God bless you Afod.

@adesege1025 wrote: I know this man will be a pastor one day from his acting. He talks effortlessly. Baba go and join Mount Zion Video production. Pray about it sir.

@ategunalaafia wrote: Mr. Kunle Afod is unarguably my favorite person going forward. An admirable effort and a pleasant disposition. Thank you kindly!

@ayotundesoaga404 wrote: Pls afod you can always just put one of the film they made. For every of our movie veteran add a small clip of the movie they did in the past.

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