“My mom is angry I bought a car for my wife who just gave birth to triplets” — Confused man asks for advice ‎

Nigerian man dumbfounded as his mother gets angry over his decision to buy his wife who just gave birth to triplets a car to ease her movement.

He sent an anonymous message to a popular Twitter influencer, @oku_yungx, who posted it to his followers to advise the man.

According to him, his wife had just put to bed and as a medium of appreciation and to ease her stress, he bought her a new car.

His decision did not seem to sit well with his mother who was angry he did not get her a car instead.

The young man remained confused on what step to take as he could not inform his wife about it, else she’ll feel somehow.His post below.

Here are some reactions to his post

@MrKlassiq_ wrote: “I personally find it cringy when a man says “ my mom say “ like don’t you have a life ? Don’t you make decisions of your own ? Are you a princess ?”

@ODUNMADEIT stated: “Your mom should goan ask her husband for car.”

@HRH_Ujuaku opined: “It’s giving Anambra mom but she’s just being a little jealous. Pacify her by buying her a gift- it could be anything and she’ll be fine. It’s really nothing serious, just apply wisdom”

@Alhajidon said: “Your mom is your mom yes but you have to realize that you’re a family now, your family comes first before anything else, your mother should be matured enough to understand that.”

@Gbengawhite_ advised: “Ask your mum if she can give you triplet”

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