“She Look Like DJ Cuppy”– Fans Hail Those Behinde Anty Ramota Dressing As She Step Out In A Beautiful Pink Match Outfit (Watch) ‎ ‎

Anty Ramota have continue to stirred massive reaction online has she shared beautiful looking beautiful pictures.

Recently Anty Ramota have been dressing decently this day’s, though those behind her Recent dressing mode is not know but they are really doing a great work.

Those behinde Anty Ramota recent mode of dressing are really trying because Anty Ramota is very hard to deal with due to her nature.

You will recalled that Anty Ramota had issue with her former manager that was accused of using her money to build house and even went to an extend of saying she collected her mother’s land from her.

Anty Ramota is very funny and fun to be with but sometimes hard to control.

She Wrote: This one is going to be louder than LOUD…. Support aunty Ramota by reposting this on your page.
🇹🇿 Saidia Farida kwa kutuma tena kwenye ukurasa wako. njoo Tanzania.

Watch The Video Below;

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