10 Celebrities singer Portable has fought with within 2years he became a star

Well-known singer Habeeb Okikiola, better known as Portable Zazu, is one of the few Nigerian musicians who doesn’t seem to be able to stay out of the news The controversial singer got his big break in the music industry in late 2021 and has ever since gotten into fights with his manager, his promoter, and even his record label The worst of all was most recently when he falsely claimed he was the founder of the vicious notorious terror group, the “One million boys”

However, the singer is not exceptionally renowned for his music or his singing prowess but substantially for his controversial personality.

Portable since his biggest single, “Zazu” was released in collaboration with Olamide and Poco Lee on 14th December 2021, has since constantly been in the news for mostly reasons not related to music.

Accusing Poco Lee of stealing the money sprayed on him by Wizkid: Portable’s first most popular controversial moment came barely two days after performing on stage at a Wizkid show in Lagos. While Portable performed on stage at his senior colleague’s show, Big Wiz sprayed him a few thousand dollars on stage. However, a day after the show, Portable took to social media to call out Poco Lee. He accused him of pocketing the money sprayed on him by Wizkid and for not giving him a portion of it.

The drama in Nairobi: A Kenyan radio presenter, Maureen Imbai, popularly known by her on-air name, Black Cinderella, had taken to Instagram to call out Portable for assaulting some ladies during his time in Nairobi for a show.

Black Cinderella accused Habeeb and his team of demanding that the girls should spend the night with them but the ladies refused. Black cinderella said that the ladies’ refusal led Portable and his crew to assault the girls while also accusing them of stealing some of their valuables. Legit. ng recalls reporting that Portable ran into trouble during his time in Nairobi, Kenya. A video trended online during his time in the East-African country where a lady walked out on him while he was saying we are not here for hook-up. The singer, however, came out to apologise for his misdemeanour.

3. Portable the street fighter:

The Zazu crooner just can’t stay as scandal free as it seems, another of his numerous controversy took place in the Ota area of Ogun State. Portable was seen in a trending video engaging in a street fight, however, attempts were made by his security personnel to remove him from the scene of the incident but he resisted ferociously.

It was soon afterwards that Portable and his manager, Quadri Taoreed aka Kogbagidi parted ways. Over Issues bordering on monetary disagreements, and ownership claim of gifts from fans, among others culminated in the collapse of his relationship with Kogbagidi. The singer who wielded a baseball bat in another trending video clip around the same time could be heard at the top of his voice asking Kogbagidi to return his Range Rover SUV. He said in the video clip. “I gave you $500 and N500,000 twice. You have ripped me off. You know that you are a ripper.”

Headies disqualifies Portable over threats to the life of other co-nominees: Portable lost his nomination for the Headies Hip-hop award as the “Rookie of the year” and “Best Street Artist”, due to his uncouth statement made in a video, where he threatened the lives of the other co-nominees in the same group as him.

The Headies awards in reaction to the statement disqualified the singer while also reporting him to the police.

5. Portable and his “One Million Boys” statement: Another of the singer’s loosed-mouthed statements came on July 18th, 2022 when he claimed that he was the founder of the vicious terror group, the One Million Boys.

Portable made the statement, that he was the founder of the cultist group that goes around rampaging, looting, maiming and assaulting their victims in a video he shared. However, the singer in a quick response, after the Lagos State Commissioner of Police had ordered a probe of his claim, he came back out to retract his statement saying what he meant by saying he created one million boys was his fan base.

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