“We go call police for you” Portable drags Bobrisky over his choice of outfit to the Ajakaju movie premiere ‎

Nigerian singer Portabld has always proven himself to be fearless, often speaking up about issues he seems worthy, and it seems that he had time for Bobrisky recently.

The controversial singer took himself to Bobrisky’s comment section, under the post which the cross dresser shared pictures of his outfit from the Ajakaju movie premiere to say air his opinions about him, and even threaten him at some point.

The first comment Portable made was an instruction to Bobrisky, asking him not to refer to himself as he usually does. This came shortly after Bobrisky had stated that he loves the sisterhood, but there were haters within them.

Portable clearly wasn’t done with Bobrisky, as he went further to say that he would call the police for him. The rationale behind Portable threatening to call the police on Bobrisky is still unclear because he didn’t specify. Could it be that he wants him arrested for being a cross dresser, or he simply wasn’t happy that Bobrisky emerged as the best dressed female at the Ajakaju movie premiere.

While Portable’s take on Bobrisky’s choice of livelihood is a bit entertaining, it is quite uncertain why Portable set his ire on Bobrisky. Both parties haven’t crossed each other’s paths as far as public knowledge goes, and there has been no record of them having issues so far.

Bobrisky has never been one to be silent whenever he is trolled online. Do you think he will respond to Portable’s statements, or will he simply ignore him?

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