“You are always after my money, that is the result” – K1 De Ultimate releases diss track for his former drummer Kunle Ayanlowo (Video) ‎

Fuji legend K1 De Ultimate has responded to accusations of mistreating his employees by dropping a diss track for his former drummer Kunle Ayanlowo.

Recall some days ago, Kunle Ayanlowo during an interview asserts that he works for K1 De Ultimate for 32years and by extension he didn’t achieve anything from him.

During an interview, he expressed that K1 treated him and fellow band members as slaves. Kunle recounted situations where K1 allegedly seized their passports upon their return to Nigeria and exerted control over their activities.

Kunle recounted a troubling incident where he alleged that Kwam 1 compelled him to forego urgent medical care. He voiced continued health apprehensions stemming from that occurrence, urging Nigerians to hold K1 responsible should any harm befall him.

However, K1 De Ultimate hits back at former drummer’s allegations of maltreating his band members.

According to K1 De Ultimate, Kunle Ayanlowo when he was with him for 32years was never serious with work.

He added that Kunle was always after money and enjoyment which made him not to achieve anything for himself after his stint with him.

Listen to the trending diss track vieo below;

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